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NOMOS Tangomat Datum
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NOMOS Tangomat Datum
38 Datum Stainless steel white dial 37.5mm 602 Full set
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NOMOS Tangomat Datum
Glashütte Tangomat Datum (Ungetragen / Unworn) Milanaise Automatic 602
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NOMOS Tangomat Datum
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NOMOS Tangomat Datum
mit Datum
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NOMOS Tangomat Datum
Glashütte Tangomat Datum
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Never Run Out of Time: The NOMOS Tangomat Datum

No winding necessary and a patented long distance date reader. The NOMOS Glashütte Tangomat Datum is an automatic wristwatch -perfect for those who are always on the go.

Tangible Values: NOMOS Tangomat Datum

The NOMOS Glashütte Tangomat Datum is often described as Bauhaus. While this isn’t entirely wrong, it’s not quite the whole story, either.

NOMOS Glashütte may be a new company, but their ideas go a long way back. NOMOS is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund, a precursor to the Bauhaus movement. Founded in 1907, the Werkbund continues to advocate for the refinement of commercial work by collaborating with artists and designers. Through this, it aims to produce high-quality, affordable products that keep on ticking.

The values of NOMOS Glashütte are tangible. They are felt in the curve of the steel case, the tactile crown with its linear ribbing, and the handmade strap imported from Chicago’s premier leatherworkers. Glashütte craftsmanship at its finest and the embodiment of the Werkbund philosophy. A masterpiece of straightforward design, the Tangomat Datum is built to last a lifetime.

Award-Winning Design, Any Day of the Year

Bauhaus-style numerals with serif accents, narrow tempered blue hands, and an undeniably well-rounded design. It sounds simple, and it is. Add to this the stainless steel case with its white silver-plated dial, and that’s what makes the Tangomat Datum NOMOS wristwatch a competition favorite, any day of the year.

When it comes to complications, simplicity and functionality are the essence of the Tangomat line. That’s why, other than the long distance date reader, the Tangomat Datum has been kept just the same: Simple. Combined with the decentralized seconds dial at 6 o’clock, the Tangomat Datum does what NOMOS wristwatches are made to do: provide unbeatable timekeeping, day in, day out.

NOMOS Tangomat Datum Caliber: ζ (Zeta)

Never run out of time with the automatic movement by NOMOS. Zeta is the caliber of choice for those who have other things on their mind than winding their watch or setting the date.

Simple on the outside, complicated on the inside. NOMOS produces the majority of its components in-house, so it’s nice to be able to show just what they’re capable of. Thanks to the sapphire crystal placed in the back, the owner of this timepiece can appreciate the elegant mechanics within. Constructed from start to finish in the Glashütte atelier, the craftsmen here have mastered techniques from roller-burnishing pinions and bluing screws to applying Glashütte sunburst to the ratchet and duplex wheels. All held in place by a rhodium-plated surface with Glashütte ribbing and NOMOS perlage. Some things just work - others have been perfected.

Enhanced by the patented NOMOS date mechanism, the ring set around the movement makes it slightly lager, while still ensuring that the timepiece retains its classic, flat design. Plus, it’s proprietary - meaning this award-winning balance of form and function can only be found in the NOMOS Tangomat Datum.